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Living the Spanish dream

Each month we ask an expat to tell us about their experience when they packed up and moved to Spain. Some of our writers moved permanently, others just for part of the year. Whatever they decided, each have a story to tell that might help you in your move to Spain. 

Today we asked Maureen & Laurence Benezra to tell us their experience when they moved to Spain. 

We came to Spain because we hate the cold weather and the idea of living in the sunshine for most of the year was appealing . We spent our first year here just getting used to the surroundings and way of life and deciding where we would like to live. We wanted to open an Art Gallery and the area for that was also important.

My husband and I have been here for 7 years and all we miss are the kids and grandkids…family. They visit for all the holidays and that time is pretty special for all of us .
No I don’t miss certain foods because everything is available and local produce is fabulous ..I don’t desire fish and chips or a greasy fry up ….I prefer tapas and paella .

A different life is always a challenge but there is plenty of information on hand now from various sources who realize the ex pat need more info and a bit of hand holding !
If your retired then life is good … living in Marbella there is access to an abundance of lovely villages and coastal towns to visit all offering a little piece of Spain to enjoy .Malaga is a great place to visit with Museums and galleries and a new port full of restaurants and shops.

I thought living in Spain would be an adventure and it has been … for me that walk on the beach is priceless …

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